5+ years in crypto

We’ve built, consulted or invested in every crypto vertical

Strategic, operational, financial and investment
consulting in the crypto sphere


Octus Bridge
Cross-chain bridge
On-chain communication

How Mezen can help

Blockchain Companies

From Launch to Unicorn
we help companies to develop and thrive by implementing the best crypto practices and using our on-the-edge experience.

Traditional Companies

Break into Web3
and expand your business, increase revenue, cut costs, leverage your customer base and make your business sufficient

VC Funds

Receive advanced analytics
on the market trends, verticals, projects and extend your pipeline of tier-1 crypto projects


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Solutions for Traditional Companies

Transform your business with web3 technologies and stay ahead of the competition with Mezen's strategic, operational, and financial consulting services

Strategy consulting

Develop a breaking into web3 strategy to scale existing business and open new revenue opportunities

Receive extensive research on the latest market trends and guidance on strategic milestones

Highlight new partnership and venture opportunities

Operations consulting

Evaluate your business model and learn how to cut costs and drive revenue

Implement crypto payment methods and optimise transaction fees

Create a secured treasury for managing crypto assets to prevent theft or malicious actions

Optimise supply chain and relationship with counterparties by mitigating risks using blockchain

Financial consulting

Receive an experienced opinion and support on selling or buying a company, including Valuation and Due Diligence

Tokenise the company’s assets and issue your token and NFT

Identify potential targets for investment and M&A

Solutions for Blockchain Companies

Raise money, develop business model according to best practices, align your business interests with tokenholders’ by tokenomics and create a sustainable company

Tokenomics design, token and NFT issuance

Align tokenholders’ and community members’ interests with the long-term sustainable company development

Develop a detailed white paper

Create DAO and governance process, prevent the abuse of the project due to the incorrect governance rules

Deploy the token and NFT with us or by yourself using our guidance

Business model and strategy advisory

Learn best practices and market benchmarks and create a balanced business model

Develop a financial model and forecast, and adjust strategy to ensure reaching your goals

Attract investors with the well-designed and thoughtful business model and strategy

Fundraising and partnerships

Receive a pipeline of investors and shareInvestor relations (IR) the experience of a successful raising

Analyse business needs and get introductions to partners who may help solve the issues

Get small checks from Mezen to accelerate the growth

Investor relations (IR)

Establish IR processes and learn the experience of top crypto companies

Increate of your token and company acknowledgement in the market

Improve access to the capital by increasing investors’ follow-up and referrals

Market making on DEXes and CEXes

Get liquidity for your token on both CEX and DEX and increase your company's market capitalisation

Make your token less volatile and protect it from spikes upon issuing news and significant events

We are 5 years on the market with 99% uptime and support most of the exchanges

Automated Financial Reporting

Implement Automated Financial Statement Reporting (AFSR) using on-chain information

Use AFSR to report your results to investors and improve IR

Provide analytics as a service on your for current and potential investors

Solutions for VC funds

Get exposure to blockchain market and provide additional value to your pipeline, get advanced analytics from experienced team

Deal sourcing

Receive investment opportunities by subscribing to our pipeline. We have an exclusive pipeline of early-stage companies provided by ylide.io

We have a broad partners network in crypto, so we are one of the first who others come for money or consultancy

Become “smart money” for startups with our expertise

Due Diligence and research

Allocate your dry powder among blockchain companies that may define the future

Receive a comprehensive analysis of your or our pipelines’ companies and identify the most promising investment opportunities

Receive the latest market research on request and on the most promising verticals

We invest and assist in fundraising

We have a pipeline of funds, angel investors and family offices. We will conduct due diligence and provide a free intro for investors

We invest in early-stage companies that use on-chain communication