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It's always hard to understand, how to build work when traditional and blockchain-powered businesses converge. Our operations consulting services provide a confidential and professional approach to help traditional companies seamlessly transition into the evolving Web3 era.

We specialize in evaluating and optimizing business models using blockchain, implementing crypto payment methods, and creating secure treasuries for managing crypto assets. With a focus on improving operations, cutting costs, and decreasing risks through blockchain technology, our service empowers companies to expand their customer base and navigate the intricacies of the crypto space securely.

From uncertainty to optimisation

No inefficient business operations

Follow the proven path and you will not encounter increasing costs and heightening risks.

Identify areas for improvement

Uncover the intricacies of inefficient business operations.

Seamless integration

Streamline operations, reduce costs, and mitigate risks safely for current company's process.

Challenges and solutions

Challenge 1: Inefficient business operations

The Client is facing inefficiencies in their business operations, leading to increased costs and heightened risks.

Solution: Blockchain technology integration

We recommend the integration of blockchain technology to streamline and enhance various aspects of the Client's operations. Utilize blockchain for secure and transparent record-keeping, supply chain management, and process automation, thereby reducing operational costs and mitigating risks associated with traditional systems.

Challenge 2: Limited payment solutions and customer base

The Client's current payment solutions are limited, hindering potential customer acquisition and growth opportunities.

Solution: Implementation of efficient crypto payment solutions

With our team you can develop and implement efficient cryptocurrency payment solutions to cater to a broader customer base. Integrate user-friendly crypto payment gateways and platforms, enabling the Client to tap into the expanding market of consumers who prefer or operate with cryptocurrencies.

Challenge 3: Ineffective crypto asset protection and management

The Client faces challenges in protecting and managing their crypto assets, posing risks to the security and stability of their digital holdings.

Solution: Robust crypto asset protection and management strategies

We can help with developing and implementing comprehensive strategies for the protection and management of crypto assets. This involves utilizing advanced security protocols, cold storage solutions, and multi-signature authentication to safeguard digital assets from potential threats.

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Our approach

Phase 1: Point of departure (weeks 1-3)


Stream 1: Client’s analysis

Analysis of the data package from the Client, including annual reports, metrics, corporate structure, treasury.


Stream 2:  Market research

Industry analysis (directions or technologies), analysis of previous and current projects, positioning the customer in the industry, benchmarking (customer acquisition cost, conversion rate, retention rate).


Stream 3: Problem identification

A statement of the problem, the definition of all phases and results for each of them, selection of suitable methods and mechanisms, modeling of the problem solution.

Phase 2: Operations efficiency development (week 4-8)


Stream 1: Evaluate initiatives in terms of effectiveness for the Client

Initiative impact evaluation, alignment analysis, risk and opportunity analysis.


Stream 2: Define capabilities and make prioritisation

Capability identification, and business case development.


Stream 3: Execution plan development

Timeline establishment of operations initiatives, resource allocation, stakeholder alignment, fast wins and KPI definition.

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