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Our M&A services offer confidential professional support. We go beyond transactional support, helping Clients identify potential targets and opportunities for M&A. The result for you is the ability to complete M&A deals with confidence, backed by strategic guidance, and the capability to identify profitable opportunities.

From uncertainty to the deal

No valuation uncertainty

You won't have uncertainty about accurate business valuation not hinders a company's ability to negotiate favorable terms.

Extensive market research

Thorough market research identifies potential buyers and market trends, ensuring a broad outreach to strategic and financially sound acquirers.

Comprehensive business valuation

Employing a detailed valuation methodology provides Clients with a clear and transparent valuation report, empowering confident negotiations.

Challenges and solutions

Challenge 1: Limited visibility and network

The Client lacks visibility in the market and a robust network to identify potential buyers for their business during the sell-side M&A process.

Solution: Extensive market research and target identification

Conduct thorough market research to identify potential buyers, analyzing market trends and key players. Leverage the Mezen's extensive network to connect with potential acquirers, ensuring a broad outreach to strategic and financially sound buyers.

Challenge 2: Valuation uncertainty

The Client is uncertain about the accurate valuation of their business, hindering their ability to negotiate favorable terms during the sell-side M&A process.

Solution: Comprehensive business valuation

Employ a comprehensive business valuation methodology that takes into account financial performance, industry benchmarks, and future growth prospects. We provide the Client with a clear and transparent valuation report, empowering with the knowledge needed to negotiate confidently with potential buyers.

Challenge 3: Uncertainty in investment decision-making

Navigating the complexities of M&A deals introduces uncertainty in decision-making for the client. Without expert guidance, the client may struggle to make informed decisions.

Solution: Mezen's expert guidance for confident deals

Mezen steps in as a trusted partner, offering expert guidance throughout the M&A process. Our seasoned professionals provide strategic insights, ensuring that Clients can approach M&A transactions with confidence.

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Our approach

Phase 1: Preparation (weeks 1-2)


Stream 1: Company’s current status assessment

Client analysis, stakeholder analysis, Client business model analysis.


Stream 2: Market and competitors analysis

Market analysis, competitors analysis, benchmarking analysis.


Stream 3: Model drafting

Operational model, financial projections, model analysis.

Phase 2: Investment documents preparation (week 3)


Stream 1: Valuation analysis

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), earnings multipliers.


Stream 2: Investment summary

Investment teaser, equity story.


Stream 3: Model drafting

Operational model, financial projections, model analysis.

Phase 3: Outreach to potential buyers (up to six months)


Stream 1: Preparation

Preparation of the teaser (short pitch summary), preparation of the NDA for interested buyers.


Stream 2: Outreach

A pipeline of potential buyers, contact potential buyers, preparation of additional materials that are necessary for buyers.


Stream 3: Full cycle deal (optional)

Negotiating with buyers, preparing additional materials during buyers requests, bringing negotiations to a completed transaction.

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