Strategy Development

Strategic empowerment: Mezen's expert guidance
for sustainable success in the Web3 landscape

Empower your organization's growth with Mezen's expertise in formulating and refining a comprehensive strategy tailored to your goals. Our Strategy Development service provide a clear, executable plan aligned with your long-term vision, ensuring success in the Web3 landscape.

From uncertainty to the plan

No resource constraints

Your company won't struggle with limited time and energy for strategy development.

Comprehensive development

Get a clear plan aligned with your long-term vision.

Future success

Our service empowers businesses to overcome challenges and unlock their full growth potential.

Challenges and solutions

Challenge 1: Limited experience in strategy development for Web3 projects

Some founders aim to launch their projects with a well-crafted strategy, prioritizing the avoidance of common pitfalls and navigating a clear path to success. But at the same time, they face a challenge that is expressed in insufficient experience in strategy development and a profound understanding of the specific industry landscape.

Solution: Utilize Mezen's profound industry insights

Mezen's expertise includes a profound understanding of the specific industry landscape and strategy development. Our team ensures that the developed strategy is tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within the Client’s niche.

Challenge 2: Limited resources of the internal team for strategy development

Many startups embark on their journey without a well-defined strategy, navigating the business landscape without a specific plan. As time progresses, they realize that numerous processes are suboptimal and intricate, making it increasingly challenging to reach new heights. Startups in this scenario face the imperative need to formulate a thoughtful strategy. However, the team finds itself overloaded with tasks, leaving little opportunity to dedicate their full energy to strategy development.

Solution: Comprehensive strategy with minimal internal team involvement

Mezen takes on the responsibility of strategy development, allowing your team to focus on their existing tasks without the added burden of crafting a strategy from scratch. With our expertly developed strategy, your startup can rapidly overcome the challenges of non-optimal processes and unlock its full potential for sustained growth.

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Our approach

Phase 1: Point of departure (weeks 1-3)


Stream 1:  Client’s analysis

Mapping Client's organizational structure, analysis of Client's customers, SWOT analysis, analysis of current problems.


Stream 2: Market research

Analysis of trends & changes, peers research.


Stream 3: Opportunity identification

Evaluation of the Client's existing product portfolio, identifying new product opportunities, analysis of potential investors and/or strategic buyers, capabilities determination.

Phase 2: Strategy development (weeks 4-7)


Stream 1. Define the Client's strategy

Definition of vision and strategic positioning, definition of the ambition with target outcomes, identifying strategic programs, definition of strategic initiatives, deconstruct and assess today-forward/future-back scenarios.


Stream 2: Evaluate initiatives in terms of effectiveness for the Client

Initiative impact evaluation, alignment analysis, risk and opportunity analysis.


Stream 3: Define capabilities and make prioritisation

Capability identification, business case development.


Stream 4: Roadmap development

Timeline establishment of strategic initiatives, resource allocation, stakeholder alignment, KPI definition.

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