Business Modeling

Future-ready business models

A business model is the fundament for businesses seeking sustainable growth and a competitive edge within their industry. We specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of services to optimize and fortify business models.

Our expertise lies in developing robust financial models and accurate forecasts, allowing data-driven decision-making that aligns with your business goals. We assist in crafting well-designed and thoughtful business models and strategies, essential for attracting investors and stakeholders.

From uncertainty to competitiveness

No inefficient business model

Your company won't struggle to identify new prospects, hidden risks, and weaknesses in their business model, hindering their ability to adapt and grow effectively.

Business model optimization

Clients undergo detailed analysis of their current business model to pinpoint areas for improvement based on industry standards.

Data-driven decision-making

Receive accurate forecasts and financial models to make informed, data-driven decisions aligned with your business goals.

Challenges and solutions

Challenge 1: Inefficient business model

It’s difficult for the Client to see new prospects and hidden risks, and to find weaknesses, growth points to adjust his company.

Solution: Business model optimization

Mezen recommend a thorough analysis of the existing business model, identifying areas of improvement based on industry best practices. Implement changes to streamline processes, and enhance resource allocation.

Challenge 2: Absence of a compelling business strategy

The Client faces challenges in attracting investments due to a lack of a compelling and well-defined business strategy.

Solution: Develop a strategic plan

We work closely with the Client to craft a comprehensive and compelling business strategy that highlights their unique value proposition, market positioning, and growth potential. Tailor the plan to resonate with potential investors, showcasing the company's vision and outlining a clear path to success.

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Our approach

Phase 1: Business model draft preparation (week 1)


Stream 1:  Project discovery

Initial assessment of the project, collection of all relevant financial assumptions (revenue streams, costs, fees, expected markets), market research, and review of Client's sales funnel.


Stream 2: Business modeling

Forecasting revenue, modeling various income sources, estimating costs (including COGS and operating expenses), analyzing key factors impacting financials and valuation.


Stream 3: Sync with the Client

Draft business model for Client review, including preliminary insights document detailing initial findings and assumptions.

Phase 2: Model revision and analytics preparation (week 2)


Stream 1: Revision after the Client's feedback

Modification of the business model based on Client feedback, rerunning simulations and analyses to ensure data integrity.


Stream 2: Preparation of analytics and visual representation

Analytics report, covering break-even analysis, key metrics (CLV, CAC), Pro Forma financial statements, DCF valuation, scenario analysis for market fluctuations, and an advanced sensitivity summary.

Phase 3: Sync with Client and revision (weeks 3-4)


Stream 1: First iteration

Present the business model, analytics, and visual representation, collect feedback.


Stream 2: Second iteration

Finalised business model and analytics.

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