Due Diligence

Reveal hidden opportunities

Unlock the potential of future-defining blockchain investments. For companies seeking to strategically allocate their resources, our comprehensive analysis of investment opportunities ensures you identify the most promising targets.

With our Due Diligence service access to the latest market research and insights on emerging verticals, you can confidently allocate your funds to blockchain companies that may shape the future. Partner with us to navigate the complex landscape of blockchain companies, backed by thorough Due Diligence, and make strategic decisions that define success.

From uncertainty to the decision

No lack of Due Diligence experience

With our help you won't struggle with evaluation blockchain investments.

Get full investment documents

Conducting valuation analysis through DCF and CCA, and preparing investment summaries.

Detailed business examination

Mezen provides thorough analyses of investment opportunities, assessing financial health, market positioning, growth potential, and risk factors.

Challenges and solutions

Challenge 1: Lack of experience in the field

Conducting a comprehensive Due Diligence requires a specialized skills and experience, which may pose a significant challenge for businesses. This service is typically offered by external companies equipped with a helicopter view, an unbiased attitude, and no conflict of interest.

Solution: Comprehensive Due Diligence

Mezen team offers a solution by providing thorough Due Diligence services that encompass detailed analyses of investment opportunities. This includes assessing financial health, market positioning, growth potential, and risk factors associated with each potential target. By conducting in-depth Due Diligence, the Client gains a comprehensive understanding of each opportunity, allowing for more informed investment decisions.

Challenge 2: Limited access to market research

The Client lacks real-time market research and insights on emerging verticals, hindering their ability to stay ahead of industry trends and identify high-potential sectors.

Solution: Up-to-date market research

Our team can help with this challenge by offering ongoing market research services. We keep the Client updated with the latest trends, market dynamics, and emerging verticals within the blockchain industry. Providing timely and relevant information enables the Client to make strategic decisions based on a current understanding of the market landscape.

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Our approach

Phase 1: Market insights and project deep diving (weeks 1-2)


Stream 1: Company’s current status assessment

Client analysis, stakeholder analysis, Client business model analysis.


Stream 2: Market and competitors analysis

Market analysis, competitors analysis, benchmarking analysis.


Stream 3: Model drafting

Operational model, financial projections, model analysis.

Phase 2: Investment documents preparation (week 3)


Stream 1: Valuation analysis

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), company comparable analysis (CCA).


Stream 2: Investment summary

Investment teaser, management presentation.

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