DeFi Algorithm Development

Empowering DeFi protocol: unravel challenges, build stability

Uncover solutions to key challenges such as precise collateral valuation, optimal loan issuance rates, and profitable collateral strategies. Our expert team will develop a stable mathematical model and actionable results for your DeFi protocol. We simplify mathematical modeling for your company, ensuring your financial decisions are driven by clarity, data, and straightforward innovation. We prioritize delivering results and offer stable support for six months post-model development, committed to refining the product as necessary.

From uncertainty to financial decisions

DeFi Challenges

Overcome issues like collateral valuation uncertainties and risk minimization in loan issuance rates.

Streamlined integration

Effortlessly integrate our expert-developed model with concrete steps and ongoing support for lasting success.

Client benefits

Precise collateral valuation, strategic risk mitigation, and a profitable collateral strategy for your DeFi protocol.

Challenges and solutions

Challenge 1: Challenges in determining collateral valuation

Some startups, especially OTC platforms, may face challenges in determining collateral valuation and implementing effective collateral strategies.

Solution: Mezen's expert model for precise collateral valuation

Mezen’s highly qualified specialists will develop a precise model for accurately valuing illiquid assets used as collateral, mitigating uncertainty in asset valuation. A comprehensive approach will be implemented, addressing specific challenges and optimizing collateral management.

Challenge 2: The issue of minimizing risks

Many companies are aware of the risks associated with loan issuance rates and aim to minimize them.

Solution: Mezen's approach for strategic risk mitigation

With Mezen’s guidance, you can confidently navigate risks by determining practical loan rates based on collateral. Drawing from an in-depth analysis of illiquid asset pricing and risk ratios, we adapt proven methodologies for crypto startups, forming the basis for an enhanced approach. Insights from current market models will guide our strategy, ensuring informed lending decisions.

Challenge 3: Model implementation barriers

Founders understand that streamlining and ensuring successful implementation is also a crucial part, but they are unsure if they can effectively implement the developed model.

Solution: Effortless integration and lasting success with our experts

Streamline the complex implementation process with concrete steps, addressing the unique needs of crypto startups. Crafted for efficiency, our approach guarantees successful implementation through team training, seamless integration, real-time monitoring, and continuous improvement cycles. Your startup will benefit from straightforward and efficient integration, maximizing the advantages of the developed model for ongoing success.

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Our approach

Phase 1: Current model assessment (week 1)


Stream 1: Comparison of the existing and baseline models

Report on the stages of building the baseline model, table of quality metrics.


Stream 2: Analysis of existing evaluation models

Table of quality metrics, report on the analysis of existing evaluation models, result of the statistical test on the predictive power of the existing model.

Phase 2: Initial model development (weeks 2-7)


Stream 1:  Precise value collateral

Developing a straightforward model for accurate valuation of illiquid assets used as collateral.


Stream 2: Optimization of loan issuance rates

Determination of practical loan rates based on collateral, helping protocols make informed lending decisions.


Stream 3:  Developing of profitable collateral strategy

Creation of a strategy for maximizing returns during collateral liquidation in case of borrower default.


Stream 4: Preparation for seamless implementation

Crafting concrete steps to effectively implement the developed mathematical model and achieve measurable results.

Phase 3: Developing discounting approach (weeks 4-5)


Stream 1:  Model verification and discounting approach design

Report on optimal liquid NFT pricing methodology, model performance metrics, and table with less liquid NFT optimal price breakdown (base price + discount).

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