Who we are

Mezen is a reliable consulting firm with
extensive analytical expertise in dynamic Web3

We stick to high standards, anticipating expectations, reflected in the fact that 90% of new companies join based on the recommendations of our loyal clients.

Mezen’s results-driven team with over 6 years of experience assisted various companies with strategic needs, M&As, due diligence and research, fundraising, tokenomics, propelling them toward success in cutting-edge technologies.


Strategically partner with leaders to shape the narrative that others will follow.


To earn global trust as the premier strategic consultancy in cutting-edge technologies, investment, and asset management, while attracting the industry's most talented experts.

Our values

Client-focused solutions

Long-term partnership

We attend companies from inception to Fortune 500 status, believing in the future global leadership of cryptosphere startups, much like the evolution of dot-com era companies.

Proactive care

We prioritize client needs, ensuring unbiased and beneficial outcomes through prudent and attentive interactions.

Individual approach

Tailoring services to changing market dynamics and business development, we offer the most profitable solutions for each client at key moments.


Committed to exceeding expectations, we focus on delivering swift and outstanding results, measuring Mezen's success by the success of our clients.

Innovative excellence and expertise

Best market practices and expertise

We adhere to the highest standards in crypto and consulting, emphasizing quality and excellence in every aspect of service delivery, ongoing learning, and staying ahead of industry trends.


A commitment to constantly seek and implement innovative approaches and technologies, ensuring Mezen remains at the cutting edge and translates the latest advancements into practical, actionable insights for clients.

Integrity, transparency, and fair dealing

Integrity and transparency

Ensuring clear understanding in all aspects of work and pricing, crucial in the complex Web3 realm, to build trust and dispel concerns.

Fair dealing

Providing equitable services to all clients, ensuring that everyone, regardless of size, type, or sector, receives the same high level of service and quality.

Independence and objectivity

Offering advice that is impartial, unbiased, and solely based on the merits of each case, ensuring recommendations are free from any conflicts of interest and opinions.

Adaptability, responsibility, and compliance

Adaptability and responsibility

Demonstrating the ability to respond effectively to changes and challenges in the industry, while upholding responsibilities towards clients, the community, and the environment.


Adhering to legal and ethical standards, navigating the complex and evolving regulatory landscape of the crypto sector to ensure clients operate with integrity.

Diligence and reasonable basis

Ensuring that all recommendations and strategies are backed by thorough research and analysis, underpinning a foundation of intellectual rigor and sound decision-making.

Leadership and talent cultivation

Leadership development

Investing in leadership training and development programs to prepare employees for future leadership within the industries.

Talent cultivation

Attracting, nurturing, and retaining the best industry talent, ensuring Mezen's team remains knowledgeable, skilled, and capable of delivering industry-leading services.

Collaboration and teamwork

Promoting a collaborative work environment where teamwork is valued and employees can learn from each other.

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