Business modeling

Optimizing profit in the face of exchange rate volatility

About the Client

The company provides technical integration to make instant payments to individuals. They provide instant pay-outs to bank cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex, etc. To e-wallets and mobile phones, or receiving cash via money transfer systems.


Evaluate volatility's effect on company profits amidst fluctuating exchange rates.

Understand the current profitability of the company.

Develop a model incorporating exchange rate dynamics to minimize profitability risks and ensure sustained profitability.


Projecting top-line revenue based on market research and the Client's sales funnel.

Accounting for the volatility of the exchange rate and its impact on the profitability of the company.

Make recommendations for internal program code for operational efficiency.

Our solution and results

Developed a stable model

Ensuring continual profitability and mitigating risks associated with exchange rate variation.

Assessed the current profitability

Status to estimate the extent of impact in the existing situation.

Reviewed all the transactions

Reviewed at the actual cost of the exchange for each transaction, and reviewed at the price at which they bought certain assets.

Collaboratively wrote program code

For the internal platform alongside the company's employees, enhancing operational efficiency and aligning with the developed profitability model.

Project highlights

Comprehensive transaction review

Considered all transactions, analysing the actual cost of the exchange for each transaction.

Current situation assessment

Evaluated the current profitability status and determining the impact of the exchange rate. Gained insights into the company's present financial standing to inform strategic decisions.

Profitable model

Developed a model designed to ensure consistent profitability, providing a roadmap for minimising risk and maximising gains.

Collaborative code development

Focused on creating a streamlined and efficient code that aligns with the financial model, empowering the company.

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