Business modeling

A clear model even for classic banks

About the Client

This is a marketplace for the provision of travel services that can be paid for with cryptocurrency.


Get a thorough evaluation of the business, scrutinizing market dynamics and scale to inform decision-making accurately.

To deal with the moments of regulatory control in another country.

To align all stakeholders and regulatory authorities' requirements.


Determine the format for creating the model, incorporating project discovery, and aligning with the Client.

Develop a high-quality model that is comprehensible for traditional banking institutions.

Integrating best practices to ensure the project remains grounded in market realities.

Our solution and results

Engaged in discussions

With the Client to understand and align with their evaluation expectations.

Conducted benchmarking

On the market and looked at the best practices to make the project not divorced from reality.

Conducted a comprehensive evaluation

Of the business, scrutinising the market dynamics and scale.

Executed all necessary calculations

And generated a financial model of exceptional quality.

Project highlights

Client collaboration and expectation alignment

Established the groundwork for model preparation, including project discovery and synchronisation with the Client's vision.

Market benchmarking and best practices

Conducted extensive benchmarking on the market, assimilating best practices to ensure the project remained rooted in reality and the practical expectations of the banking industry.

Business and market evaluation

Evaluated the business and explored the scale of the market to provide a context foundation for the financial model, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

Precision calculations and model creation

Executed calculations and crafted a comprehensive financial model that not only met but exceeded the standards expected by classic banking institutions.

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