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About the Client

The company is an asset manager with $1B under management, focused on crypto and fintech, providing scalable and secure solutions for real-world applications.


To attract additional investments to the portfolio.

To describe the current state of the businesses, model the future of their current businesses, and model new projects for which they raised money in a short time.

To prepare documents that would be of interest to investors.


To determine the current state of the company, it was necessary to make many different assessments that do not depend on each other to get a more balanced and objective evaluation.

To make high-quality reporting and determine a model for new projects.

Prepare all documents for investors.

Our solution and results

Our team modeled

The future of the current 10 portfolio businesses.

Developed models for upcoming projects

Conducting assessments to determine investment needs.

Prepared investment documents

Including valuation analysis and investment summary.

Project highlights

Comprehensive portfolio modeling

Collected materials and modeled the prospects of the existing 10 businesses within the portfolio. Ensured a thorough understanding of each business's trajectory.

Strategic modeling for future projects

Developed robust models for upcoming projects, conducting a meticulous assessment of investment requirements.

Investment document preparation

Prepared investment documents that included detailed valuation analyses and brief investment summaries. Ensured high-quality reporting within a short timeframe.

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