Business modeling

Aligning financial models for diverse stakeholders

About the Client

Our Client provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services to assist central banks in the issuance, distribution, and management of digital currencies, ultimately aiming to transform the global financial landscape.


Prepare a clear financial model for different stakeholders, including the Ministry of Finance.

Make documents that provide a clear understanding by the government regarding the intended actions during the implementation of the CBDC.

Understand the current market position to make a competitive model.


Crafting a high-quality model that is comprehensible for various stakeholders, particularly the state.

Consider the model within the framework of the legislation of another country.

Formulate a competitive financial model.

Our solution and results

Align on evaluation expectations

Engaging in discussions with the Client to laying the groundwork for a precision-driven modeling process.

Conducted benchmarking on the market

And reviewed the best practices to make the project not divorced from reality.

Evaluated the business and market dynamics

Considering the scale of the market, and developed a model.

Enhanced the model

By incorporating benefits for the state, including projections on new tax collection, job creation, and other crucial indicators for our Client.

Project highlights

Expectation alignment

Detailed discussions with the Client to align evaluation expectations, ensuring clarity and precision in the modeling process. Established a flexible evaluation framework to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders, including the government.

Business and market evaluation

Evaluated the business environment, market dynamics, and scale to inform modeling. Developed a comprehensive model with added state benefits, including forecasts for tax revenue, job growth, and other key indicators.

Market benchmarking and best practices

Conducted market benchmarking, exploring best practices for the CBDC implementation.

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