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About the Client

It’s a GameFi on a real-world map. The player controls an NFT avatar, searches for hidden reward boxes, and collects prizes.

The company is pioneering a sustainable digital economy. Players can even start playing without buying any NFTs, gain invaluable gaming experiences, and unlock earning opportunities through interaction with their network of partners and advertisers.


Create a comprehensive business assessment.

Articulate clearly the business model's profitability, sustainability, and growth potential for investors.

Present the business in a compelling manner, persuading investors of its promising future.


To determine the current state of the company, it was necessary to make many different assessments that do not depend on each other to get a more balanced and objective evaluation.

To determine the company's growth prospects, this includes evaluating the market and competitors – how voluminous and competitive they are.

Prepare all documents for investors.

Our solution and results

Conducted a comprehensive analysis

Of the market and competitors.

Accomplished a simulation

Of the company, future cash flows.

Made assessment

Of the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and performed a Company Comparable Analysis (CCA).

Got the result

An assessment of the company following the assumptions that were made.

Compiled investment documents

Including valuation analysis and an investment summary.

Project highlights

Comprehensive business assessment

Undertook a multifaceted approach, conducting various assessments that show the company's current state.

Evaluating growth prospects

Embarked on a comprehensive survey, reviewed the market landscape, and made an assessment of the competitive forces.

Simulation of future cash flows and DCF

Forecasted potential scenarios, offering a view into the financial landscape, and empowering potential stakeholders with insights into the company's financial resilience and potential returns.

Investment document preparation

Used our findings in a comprehensive investment document strategically packaged to facilitate informed decision-making.

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