Optimizing B2B & B2C blockchain solutions: strategic guidance

About the Client

The company offers various B2B and B2C solutions in blockchain and cryptocurrency. including a white-label cryptocurrency exchange platform (BaaS), custodial crypto-processing services, and a mobile crypto-banking solution. Client's products aim to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance (DeFi) tools, providing accessible and secure solutions for businesses and end-users.


Acquire a comprehensive tokenomics solution that optimizes both their current business model and facilitates a seamless transition to a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO).

Get guidance to establish stakeholder incentives and governance rules.

Ensure long-term sustainability due to limited experience in tokenomics.


Drive cryptocurrency and DeFi adoption by creating accessible solutions for businesses and users while fostering user participation in platform development.

Enhance financial efficiency and resilience by decentralizing the business, mitigating regulatory risks, and implementing effective value-capturing mechanisms.

Establish a balanced governance system, enabling active stakeholder engagement in decision-making and ensuring long-term stability and incremental value for token holders.

Our solution and results

Developed a comprehensive tokenomics model

That aligns with the Client's business model, incentivizes user participation in the platform's development, captures value from all company products, and fairly distributes it among stakeholders.

Developed a technological stack plan

For the seamless integration of blockchain technology, to be implemented in alignment with the decentralisation strategy in the future.

Developed a technological stack plan

For the seamless integration of blockchain technology, to be implemented in alignment with the decentralisation strategy in the future.

Guided in selecting an optimal technological stack

Including choosing the most suitable blockchain platform, L2 solutions, and other essential technologies.

Conducted a financial model and unit economy analysis

Providing a clear understanding of the company's ecosystem.

Created a comprehensive three-year decentralisation strategy

In collaboration with the Client, encompassing a long-term governance plan, transitioning from centralization to decentralisation, and targeting increased financial efficiency and resilience against regulatory restrictions and interventions.

Designed and established a DAO governance structure

That involves dedicated stakeholders in both operational and strategic decision-making, engaging significant contributors for effective platform governance.

Project highlights

Strategic Tokenomics

Successfully designed and developed a robust tokenomics model that effectively captures, distributes value, and incentivizes user engagement, participation, and loyalty. Thereby increasing the platform's appeal to investors and token holders.

Deep-dive into the Client's business

Gained in-depth insights into the company's financial ecosystem, enabling data-driven decision-making and informed strategic planning. Systematically described all stakeholders, products, and financial flows to provide a clear understanding of the company's ecosystem.

Developing a strategic approach

Collaboratively developed a comprehensive three-year decentralisation plan with the Client.

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