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About the Client

The company aims to collect and analyse traders' viewpoints concerning currency pairs to obtain the most accurate forecasts. Their platform looks to bring seasoned traders, influencers, and newcomers together into one comprehensive ecosystem.


Understand the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, since the company has only experience in Web2.

The need for tokenomics emerged as a strategic tool for efficient resource allocation.

Make an internal educational document so they can work independently.


Collect and take into account the wishes and expectations of all stakeholders.

Calculating the capabilities and ambitions of the market.

Integrate individual calculations into a common structure to formulate conclusions and deliver results in terms of token utility, allocation, and vesting.

Our solution and results

Conducted a market assessment

Collating benchmarks and best practices related to market dynamics, utilities, locations, and token vesting.

Evaluated competitors

And determined the market size and its relevance to assess the adequacy of the model.

Moderated all cash flows and expenses

Of the project, all stakeholders.

Created detailed internal materials

Describing all aspects of the tokenomics strategy, including a concise description tailored for investor communication.

Project highlights

Understanding stakeholder expectations

Aligned the tokenomics strategy with the diverse interests and goals of stakeholders, fostering a collaborative approach.

Financial moderation

Modeled all cash flows and project expenses for sustained project stability.

Market evaluation and model validity

Conducted a thorough assessment of the market, collecting benchmarks and best practices to inform the tokenomics strategy. Evaluated competitors and analysed the market size to scrutinise the model's adequacy and alignment with market dynamics.

Internal and investor documentation

Produced detailed internal materials outlining the various elements of the tokenomics strategy. Created a brief description tailored for investor communication.

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