Boosting user attraction: robust tokenomics for the gaming platform

About the Client

The company is a gaming platform that brings together the worlds of traditional gaming and blockchain technology. Users earn and spend tokens in games, tournaments, and more. It connects gamers, game developers, and brands through a decentralised ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. The Client aims to revolutionise the gaming industry by creating a transparent, fair, and rewarding environment for all stakeholders.


Decrease customer acquisition costs to mitigate challenges in attracting new users.

Increase user retention for sustainable growth for the platform.

Make efficient cost structures and transition from rewards in stablecoins to rewards in tokens are required.


Streamline cost structures and lower customer acquisition expenses for enhanced user attraction while implementing a seamless and appealing reward system by replacing all platform incentives with tokens.

Establish sustainable growth, ensure profitability, and prevent a death spiral through strategic tokenomics.

Enhance user retention by refining platform features and elevating the overall user experience.

Our solution and results

Developed a robust tokenomics model

To replace traditional rewards with tokens, making the platform more attractive to users and encouraging retention.

Conducted a thorough analysis

Of the cost structure to identify areas for optimization and cost reduction.

Offered valuable insights

On incorporating tokens and how they could enhance the user experience and value proposition of the platform.

Offered guidance on improving the platform's features and user experience

To enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Project highlights

Strategic Tokenomics

Successfully designed and developed a robust tokenomics model that effectively captures, distributes value, and incentivizes user engagement, participation, and loyalty. Thereby increasing the platform's appeal to investors and token holders.

Deep-dive into the Client's business

Gained in-depth insights into the company's financial ecosystem, enabling data-driven decision-making and informed strategic planning. Systematically described all stakeholders, products, and financial flows to provide a clear understanding of the company's ecosystem.

Tokenomics for enhanced user attraction

Crafted a strong tokenomics model, replacing traditional rewards with tokens to enhance user attraction and promote retention on the platform.

Optimized reward system

Successfully defined the proper level of Client compensation with tokens, resulting in a more attractive and effective reward system.

Cost optimization success

Identified areas for cost optimization, resulting in a more efficient and profitable cost structure for the Client.

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