Building tokenomics for optimal market performance

About the Client

It’s a smart contract-based margin trading and derivatives application. Allows users to take leveraged long and short positions on crypto-assets across different DEXes.


Get an opinion from the outside regarding the token model (utilities, vesting, and allocation) and get data confirmation to calculate the company’s goal.

To get a full-fledged market survey and its assessment to see the trend in this area.

To make tokenomics that investors will approve so that the company can raise money.


Collect and take into account the wishes and expectations of all stakeholders and develop well-structured tokenomics to attract investments.

Seek external insights on token model components: utilities, vesting, and allocation.

Establish a methodology for data-backed goal calculation and conduct a comprehensive market analysis for trend identification.

Our solution and results

Assessed market benchmarks and best practices

related to utilities, locations, and token vesting.

Evaluated competitors and their metrics

analysing market size to ensure model adequacy.

Addressed liquidity challenges

by developing proper incentives to attract initial liquidity from liquidity providers.

Managed projected cash flows and expenses

overseeing all stakeholders, including traders and liquidity providers.

Developed detailed internal materials

encompassing all aspects, providing concise descriptions for investor presentations, and crafting a proposal for liquidity providers.

Project highlights

Comprehensive market assessment

Conducted a thorough market analysis, gathering benchmarks and industry best practices related to token utilities, allocations, and vesting.

Competitor evaluation and market sizing

Evaluated competitors and determined the market size and its trends to assess the appropriateness of the token model.

Financial moderation

Modeled all cash flows and expenses, fostering financial stability for the project and all stakeholders, including traders and liquidity providers.

Resolving liquidity challenges

Addressed liquidity challenges by implementing a strategic scheme for preventing a vicious circle.

Comprehensive documentation

Developed detailed internal materials, offering a comprehensive understanding of tokenomics elements. Crafted brief descriptions for investors and a proposal tailored for liquidity providers.

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