Transforming real estate investment with tokenomics and DAO integration

About the Client

The company is a platform offering access to various fitness classes, coaching services, and experiences. The platform enables coaches to list their schedules, provide online sessions, and rent real estate such as fitness spaces managed by the Client. The company had no prior experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Raise funds for their real estate ventures by issuing tokens, which they had never done before.

Expand the platform's user base and increase the number of participating coaches and fitness facilities by providing an additional token incentive.

Build a DAO within real estate.


Increase retention of clients and coaches in the long-term development of the platform by incentivizing them to take part in the decision-making.

Design and implement a DAO for property management and ownership.

Ensure a legal setup that accommodates both real-world and DAO property ownership.

Our solution and results

Developed a comprehensive tokenomics model

Tailored to the Client's goals of raising capital for real estate investments and establishing a DAO for property management. This model is integrated into the Client's platform point system for seamless tokenomics integration.

Advised on regulatory compliance and legal considerations

For token issuance and DAO implementation, including a legal structure for DAO property ownership.

Created a sustainable monetary policy

That balances stakeholder incentives, ensuring long-term stability and growth.

Ensured the token distribution strategy aligned with the Client's objectives

Providing sufficient liquidity and incentives for stakeholders.

Designed utility tokens and NFTs

To incentivize platform usage, encourage community engagement, and enable transparent governance.

Project highlights

Comprehensive tokenomics development

Successfully designed and implemented a tokenomics model tailored to the Client's unique business requirements, enabling them to raise capital for real estate investments and establish a DAO for property management.

Transparent and community-driven DAO

Laid the foundation for a transparent, community-driven DAO for streamlined property management and empowering stakeholders.

Strategic business model advice

The Client implemented our insights and recommendations to optimize their business model and platform.

Seamless integration

Integrated our tokenomics logic into the Client's platform for a smooth transition.

Legal and regulatory guidance

Provided expert advice, enabling confident fundraising and DAO implementation.

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